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Association Bylaws

As approved by the Membership on June 24, 2016
(Established 1957)



The name of this association shall be the Vermont School Custodians and Maintenance Association.


The purpose of this association is to unite school custodians and maintenance staff to promote among its members a better understanding of the shared knowledge and service they provide to the students and communities of Education. The Association shall host an annual conference for professional development for school custodians and maintenance staff.


Any custodial, maintenance staff member, or facility director employed and/or has had at least 10 years of experience in the school system within the State of Vermont and bordering districts may become a member with full privileges upon paying a membership fee of less than $10.00 per year, with the specific amount to be determined by the Executive Council annually, to be collected by the Secretary-Treasurer.


The Association shall encourage the participation of regional groups among its members and attempt to introduce participation throughout the State into the activities of the State Association.


The annual conference meeting of the Association shall be held during the month of June, or other such time when most public schools are not in session.

Executive council planning meetings and special meetings shall be held at such times and places as the Executive Council may determine. Notice of all meetings shall be sent to each Executive Council member no less than two weeks prior to the meeting date. Only such business as is included in the notice of a special meeting may be transacted thereat. Only members of the Association shall be entitled to vote on matters presented at meetings of the Association. A majority of those present and voting shall determine all questions. The election of officers shall be determined by plurality vote of those present. There shall be no voting by proxy.


There shall be a President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. Candidates seeking election must be nominated by a nominating committee. The nominating committee shall consist of three individuals and shall be appointed by the President. Officers shall be elected by ballot or show of hands at each annual conference meeting falling on the odd numbered year. Their terms of office shall begin at the adjournment of the annual conference meeting at which they are elected and shall continue until their successors are elected and assume office. All officers are eligible to succeed themselves if so elected.

No later than the Fall meeting prior to an election year, the President shall appoint a 3 member Nominating Committee, none of whom shall be, at the time of their appointment, an Officer. At the annul conference meeting prior the President shall inform the membership that nominations for officers are in order. Nominations shall be forwarded to the Secretary/Treasurer by the first of March. The Secretary/Treasurer shall forward to the Nominating Committee, not later than 30 days prior to the annual conference election year meeting, all nominations received from Members. The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of officers from the nominations received from the Secretary/Treasurer for presentation by the President to the membership at the election year annual conference. Nominations may be made from the floor if accompanied by the nominee's consent.



The President or President's designee shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Council. He/she shall carry on the business of the Association subject to the approval of the Executive Council.

The Vice-President shall perform the functions of the President in his/her absence and shall succeed the President for completion of term should such position become vacant. Monitoring the Bylaws is the responsibility of the Vice President.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall collect dues, registration fees and other monies due the Association and deposit same to the credit of the Association. He/she shall pay all bills incurred by the Association. He/she shall make a complete secretarial and financial report of the fiscal year to the annual meeting. He/she shall appoint an assistant to help keep records, attend to correspondence and clerical work and perform such other duties as the Executive Council may require.

All members of the Executive Council shall be entitled to free membership. In addition, the Secretary-Treasurer team shall be entitled to an annual expense stipend of $250.00. The Secretary-Treasurer shall also be reimbursed for expenses directly related to the Association business. He/she shall be granted an annual expense account of $150.00 to be construed as a petty cash fund.


The Executive Council shall consist of the three (3) elected officers and five (5) members at large. The Executive Council may invite non-voting advisors including the Custodian of the Year recipient to any meetings.

The at-large members shall be appointed by the incoming president. He/she shall endeavor to choose no more than one member from any school district.

The term of office of members-at-large shall be for two years from the date of appointment.

The absence of a member-at-large from the annual conference meeting or from two consecutive Executive Council meetings may be considered grounds for dismissal and the appointment of a new member by the President.

Unless grandfathered as an exception, a member of the Executive Council shall have been employed by a school district for a period of two years prior to election and shall be employed as such at the time of appointment.

If a member-at-large, resigns, becomes incapacitated, or leaves the State permanently, the President shall appoint a successor.

All Executive council meetings shall be held upon a minimum of one week's notice upon the call of the President. Members of the Executive Council may be entitled to mileage, at the rate as set by the State of Vermont, for attendance at Executive Council Meetings. A majority of members-at-large and the President, Vice-President or Secretary-Treasurer shall constitute a quorum. The President, or in his/her absence, the next subordinate officer shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Council.

The Executive Council shall carry out the purpose of the Association between annual meetings. It shall transact the business of the Association, conduct, manage and control the affairs of the Association subject to and guided by all duly adopted resolutions of the Association.


All money, funds and income of the Association shall belong solely to the Association and shall be expended to pay salaries, expenses and bills incurred by the Association.


The fiscal year of the Association shall be from January 1st to December 31st.


These By-laws may be amended at a duly called annual conference meeting of the Association provided that substance of proposed amendment is made available for review at the annual conference meeting prior to the vote to amend.

A majority vote of members present and voting shall be required for passage.

The substance of any amendment so adopted shall be included in the minutes of the annual meeting and added to the Master Copy of these By-Laws. Said Master Copy shall be held by the Secretary-Treasurer.


End. By-Laws last updated: June 24, 2016

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