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Radon Testing


Q: Ray Daigle, Harwood UUSD: After receiving the first proposals for radon testing in our schools, we are looking to receive competing proposals. We have reached out to ATC and F&O. Can you ask the group who people recommend for this service?

A: Theresa Palagonia, North Country SU: We also use F&O and ATC(Atlas) and have had good experience with them.

There is a smaller outfit in our area that we have worked with, Gonyaw Environmental who I believe does radon testing. Jay has come out to our schools for asbestos designated persons trainings and is very knowledgeable about that, if you’re looking for a third contractor you could contact him to see if he services your area.

A: Joe Houston, Orleans Southwest SU: I got quotes from quite a few firms and got most of my schools tested last year.  I ended up using Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineering out of Rutland area.  They gave me the best deal and the contact there was Stephanie Senecal  Only after we found one building with an elevated level did I learn they only do the testing not mitigation.  

Wheeler Environmental does both testing and mitigation.  I used them for mitigation and they did the work quickly before school started and have been very helpful and responsive.  They were pretty close to the cost of Criterium and in hindsight I probably would have just used them for the whole deal.  Drew Reynolds is their Radon guy,  They are out of Barre so mileage costs are less too.

A: Derek Madden, Maple Run USD: I will be looking toward F&O as they have the experience with our schools.

A: Jamie Evans, Barre UUSD: I've reached out to KD Associates (John Madigan) for testing in our Barre schools. The testing hasn't been done as of yet, but their proposals appear to be fair. They can be reached at 802-862-7490.

A: Shawn McNamara, Caledonia Central SU: This is a good vendor.   

Andra Liberty  

Senior Environmental Analyst

Fuss & O'Neill, Inc. |
(603) 222-3473   | cell: (802) 760-7552 
205 Billings Farm Rd Suite 6B | , VT 05001

A: Sean Youmell, Windham Southwest SU: We used 

Braden Arnold at

Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers

Rutland, VT

Office: (802) 747-4535

Work Cell: (802) 683-8283

A: Greg Frost, Windham Central SU: I think Catamount Environmental has the ability to test for Radon. You could contact Bart Jacobs at 802-673-7232.

We also used VATS in our district in the past. That is Vermont Air Testing Services, they are out of Jericho. The number for them is 802-863-3416

I received quotes from Fuss and O'Neill yesterday and they were expensive. 

A: Jonathan Garthwaite, Hartford SD: We used Criterium Lalancette & Dudka out of Rutland. Pricing was reasonable and they were generally easy to work with. Here's their contact information:

Stephanie Senecal, Senior Director of Operations 

Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers &

Criterium-Dudka Engineers
Office: (802) 747-4535 x1040

Office: (508) 589-8020 x1040

A: Glenn Scott, Rutland City SD: We have received quotes from KD Associates & Criterium-Dudka Engineers

Contact information is below

KD Associates

John Madigan- Principal

41 Idx Dr, South Burlington, VT 05403
Phone: (802) 862-7490


Stephanie Senecal, Senior Director of Operations
Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers &
Criterium-Dudka Engineers
Office: (802) 747-4535 x1040

Oil to Wood Pellet Conversion


Q: Joe Houston, Orleans Southwest: I'm looking for engineer recommendations for an oil to wood pellet conversion project.  If anyone has someone they have worked with they really liked I'd love to hear from them.

A: Shawn McNamara, Caledonia Central SU: I have 3 schools, 2 have wood, and one has pellets for main fuel with oil/gas backup. One of the best companies out there as far as I am concerned is Messerrsmith. They have done work at two of my schools and I could not be happier with them. Here is some contact info for you.


A: Richard Pembroke, Springfield SD: Energy Efficient Investments (EEI), 

They do great work.  I brought them into the district when I was there.  I do not recall if they got as far as an Investment Grade Audit of the energy consumption or not.,

A: Dylan LaFlam, Lamoille North SU: I work with LN Consulting a bunch and they have done work with Sunwood Biomass. I am currently working with them on 3 different projects and have been pretty happy. Dave Frank from Sunwood is always a good resource as well.

Vape Detectors


Q: Ray Daigle, Harwood UUSD: Can you ask the group if anyone has any experience with vape detectors in their bathrooms? 

A: Matt Grasso, Milton Town SD: We have Vape detectors at Milton High School. They were extremely expensive ($1100 per) but they do work. The main issue is that you need to have them everywhere (or buy dummies that are available) because they are noticeable. The company we use is Zeptive. It's basic technology and a complete rip-off, but the Administration at the high school absolutely loves them and we're buying more. We're going from 2 to 4

A: Bob Worley, Orange Southwest: I have experience with them and I am a Police Officer as well.  Don't waste your time....  You can call me at 802-989-4759.

Radon Testing
Oil toWood Pellet
Vape Detctors
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